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Packaging solutions
Stretch film
High quality hand grade or machine grade LLDPE stretch film. Appropriate for pallet wrap, carton wrap and goods wrap for keeping products free of dust, moisture and dirt ; superior puncture resistance & tear resistance ; ultra tensile strength ; exceptional load retention ; anti-static stretch film available.
Plastic strapping band
Plastic strapping band is widely applied for banding, closing & packaging. Various colors are available based on requested. It has many advantages and features : nice tensile strength ; good straightness ; water resistance ; suitable for manual use or auto-banding machines ; printable based on requested ; also various manual tools for selections.
Steel strapping band
Made of cold rolled carbon steel, for heavy packaging, package reinforcing, unitizing, bundling, palletizing and closing. It can be manufactured in various specifications : ribbon wound, oscillated wound, jumbo ; various width and thickness.
Dispensers & tools
Dispensers for multi purposes, are applied to use with various sizes of adhesive tapes and films ; Strapping tools are widely applied in packaging : plastic, PET, steel band strapping tensioners, seals for strapping, pneumatic strapping tools, strapping dispensers, stretch film dispensers, various selections to meet requirements.
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